sunflowerpainting-for-websitedesert-twister-ii-for-website-blogThis past November 2016 these two paintings (“Sunflowers” and “Desert Twister II”) were accepted into our 25th Annual National Pastel Painting Exhibition which qualified me (after 7 years) to become a Signature Member of our pastel society. My excitement defies description!  This allows me to participate with other Signature Members in a show of our own each Fall and to put PSNM after my signature on all my paintings.  It’s a “status thing” but challenges me to higher levels of excellence in my creative journey because I will be hanging with artists who far exceed my artist ability!

Funny story – I painted the twisted tree painting twice as the first one sold at MasterWorks in April of 2016 (even though I priced it high so it wouldn’t sell) and I needed it to insure my acceptance into the National Pastel Show in November.  After painting Desert Twister II I again priced it over what I thought I buyer would pay for it and guess what?? It sold again!  Not only did it sell, but so did two of my small paintings in the Small Works show!  And NOT ONLY that, but Desert Twister II was the only large painting that sold in the entire show and there were countless other lovely paintings that made it in.

I’m thinking that I will be hard pressed to duplicate a year like this again, but I feel inspired to at least try!

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