Adelante’s First “Art from the Heart” Show in November of 2012 at Whole Foods

Adelante’s “Art from the Heart” presented a spectacular first art showing in November of 2012.  These artists live with ALS or MS.  I am proud to be a facilitator of this art program each month and I continue to marvel at the creativity of these artists.  In 1995 I lost a dear friend to ALS in Minneapolis, MN.  When living in Colorado I had clients in home healthcare that had MS and ALS who later became dear friends.  One of those friends passed this year from his illness, but I still have Joanie in Fort Collins, CO, who inspires and teaches me about love and kindness.  I am grateful to Dot Hoffman, a fellow pastel artist, who referred me to this program over three years ago and to Tracy and Lynn who are my “bosses” at Adelante, the company that started and hosts “Art from the Heart”.  Also, I’m grateful to the friendships I have made through this program who leave me over-flowing with love and gratitude each time we get together for another workshop!  Plans are now in the works for our 2nd art show which will be this November, 2013. We are looking for a larger venue as we were a little cramped at Whole Foods last year.


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