Volunteering at Watermelon Mountain Ranch

Nikki and Molly for websiteThose of you that know me know that I am an animal lover. Dogs happen to be my greatest weakness, however I am intrigued by cats, birds, ferrots, rabbits, prairie dogs, and just about any other warm-blooded animal you can think of. I have a fear of spiders, but that’s another story… Since I have four dogs of my own (the city’s legal limit), I volunteer at the Watermelon Mountain Ranch here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The reason I chose this non-profit animal rescue is that it is a no-kill shelter and it has an amazing staff that truly love and care for these abandoned, surrendered, injured, abused and elderly animals. My heart aches as I hear their stories…a cat left in a vacated apartment for weeks without food or water (a dog was left also but it didn’t survive), a dog that was hit by a car and not taken to the vet but rather dropped off at the Ranch… what stories they could tell if they could talk or write. It is my heart’s and life’s work to make better the conditions for these dependent, helpless creatures that give back so much unconditional love in return. Gratitude is a beautiful thing and we can learn so much more about it from these rescued animals. Living in the moment and learning to trust again is another gift of the animal kingdom. If my art can serve to help fight for animal rights and to find loving forever homes for them then I am truly blessed. They need our help and protection.

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