Masterworks/Large and Miniatures

A Perfect PearThis year’s Masterworks Exhibition will be during the month of April at the New Mexico Expo Hispanic Arts Building.  My painting “A Perfect Pear” made it into this show in the larger works division.  Not sure how this happened as I probably won’t have entered it save my husband, Lee who said, “Aw, go ahead and put it in, ya just never know…”  Bless his pastel-pickin’ heart!  I also entered four small paintings in the Miniature Show and won’t know if I got them in until almost showtime!  I used to do a lot of miniature paintings when I lived in Minnesota because I lived in a 540 sq. ft. condo and didn’t have room to do large paintings.  Thanks to more room and actual studio space now, I can have two or three larger paintings in process at the same time!

Below are four miniature paintings that I will submit next weekend for Masterworks.  Click on images to see them full sized and larger.

Nature Center View of Pond 700 x 526NM Rental (Birdhouse) 533 x 700Constance's Chickens 700 x 510Aiden's Tractor 700 x 527

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