January 7th, 2017 by sally

sunflowerpainting-for-websitedesert-twister-ii-for-website-blogThis past November 2016 these two paintings (“Sunflowers” and “Desert Twister II”) were accepted into our 25th Annual National Pastel Painting Exhibition which qualified me (after 7 years) to become a Signature Member of our pastel society. My excitement defies description!  This allows me to participate with other Signature Members in a show of our own each Fall and to put PSNM after my signature on all my paintings.  It’s a “status thing” but challenges me to higher levels of excellence in my creative journey because I will be hanging with artists who far exceed my artist ability!

Funny story – I painted the twisted tree painting twice as the first one sold at MasterWorks in April of 2016 (even though I priced it high so it wouldn’t sell) and I needed it to insure my acceptance into the National Pastel Show in November.  After painting Desert Twister II I again priced it over what I thought I buyer would pay for it and guess what?? It sold again!  Not only did it sell, but so did two of my small paintings in the Small Works show!  And NOT ONLY that, but Desert Twister II was the only large painting that sold in the entire show and there were countless other lovely paintings that made it in.

I’m thinking that I will be hard pressed to duplicate a year like this again, but I feel inspired to at least try!

Abram’s Gallery at the University of New Mexico Hospital

June 19th, 2016 by sally

Hospital Show CardPlease come to see my first semi-solo show which opens on Friday, July 8 from 5-7pm.  My friend, Helen Lucero is also in this show and it is her first semi-solo show as well.  I was so honored to be asked to join her as her work is simply beautiful and she was a curator for some of the best museums in the country!  Her lovely daughter, Nicki, created our show post cards and has been one of our favorite supporters.  Helen does the landscape like no other and I try to do subjects that are closer and more detailed.  The show runs from July 26 to August 15, 2016.  (Click on postcard to enlarge.)


September 26th, 2013 by sally

“Sandhill Cranes” is one of two paintings accepted into The SMALL WORKS SHOW at the Hispanic Arts Building this November 2013.  The other is “Hungry Hummers” which is of two baby hummingbirds that our neighborhood followed from hatchlings to fledglings.  Although I’m not totally comfortable with the subject of birds yet, I do love them and New Mexico has so many wonderful species to choose from!

State Fair Win!

September 17th, 2013 by sally

This summer I entered the 2013 EXPO New Mexico State Fair Fine Arts Show for the first time.  Just a few days before the State Fair opened, I received a call informing me that I had won the Honorable Mention ribbon for my pastel painting “Classic Americana” and would I come to the Awards Presentation.  Competition was fierce so I was honored to be juried into this show, much less get a ribbon!   A little background…this painting had it’s origin in Fort Collins, Colorado, in the Old Town area.  I shot the photo in 2003 in the Fall and knew I would paint it someday as this was my era and I often rode in this very car!  Off-set against the beautiful Colorado Fall with it’s golden aspens, even the homes seemed to fit into the scenic past.  The exhibit will be open for 12 days during the fair and – with all the traffic through the Fine Arts Building – it is my hope to sell this piece it to a car lovin’ nostalgia freak!

Adelante’s First “Art from the Heart” Show in November of 2012 at Whole Foods

September 8th, 2013 by sally

Adelante’s “Art from the Heart” presented a spectacular first art showing in November of 2012.  These artists live with ALS or MS.  I am proud to be a facilitator of this art program each month and I continue to marvel at the creativity of these artists.  In 1995 I lost a dear friend to ALS in Minneapolis, MN.  When living in Colorado I had clients in home healthcare that had MS and ALS who later became dear friends.  One of those friends passed this year from his illness, but I still have Joanie in Fort Collins, CO, who inspires and teaches me about love and kindness.  I am grateful to Dot Hoffman, a fellow pastel artist, who referred me to this program over three years ago and to Tracy and Lynn who are my “bosses” at Adelante, the company that started and hosts “Art from the Heart”.  Also, I’m grateful to the friendships I have made through this program who leave me over-flowing with love and gratitude each time we get together for another workshop!  Plans are now in the works for our 2nd art show which will be this November, 2013. We are looking for a larger venue as we were a little cramped at Whole Foods last year.


Volunteering at Watermelon Mountain Ranch

August 13th, 2011 by sally

Nikki and Molly for websiteThose of you that know me know that I am an animal lover. Dogs happen to be my greatest weakness, however I am intrigued by cats, birds, ferrots, rabbits, prairie dogs, and just about any other warm-blooded animal you can think of. I have a fear of spiders, but that’s another story… Since I have four dogs of my own (the city’s legal limit), I volunteer at the Watermelon Mountain Ranch here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. The reason I chose this non-profit animal rescue is that it is a no-kill shelter and it has an amazing staff that truly love and care for these abandoned, surrendered, injured, abused and elderly animals. My heart aches as I hear their stories…a cat left in a vacated apartment for weeks without food or water (a dog was left also but it didn’t survive), a dog that was hit by a car and not taken to the vet but rather dropped off at the Ranch… what stories they could tell if they could talk or write. It is my heart’s and life’s work to make better the conditions for these dependent, helpless creatures that give back so much unconditional love in return. Gratitude is a beautiful thing and we can learn so much more about it from these rescued animals. Living in the moment and learning to trust again is another gift of the animal kingdom. If my art can serve to help fight for animal rights and to find loving forever homes for them then I am truly blessed. They need our help and protection.

Zuni Land painting in Masterworks 2011

March 14th, 2011 by sally

Zuni LandOne of my newer paintings was juried into this year’s MasterWorks Show to be held at the New Mexico EXPO’s Hispanic Arts Building through the month of April 2011.  The Opening Reception will be April 1, 2011 from 5-8pm.  My 88 year old Mother is coming to visit during this time and it will be extra special to have her with us at the show’s Opening!  The painting was inspired by a trip to the Zuni Pueblo when friends Mary and Tim were here from Minnesota.  Having visitors is a great way to see more of the “Land of Enchantment” and all the beauty New Mexico has to offer!  February was an excellent month for me as I was chosen to obtain a scholarship from IAPS (International Association of Pastel Societies).  I will be studying with Urania Christy Tarbet, an excellent and well known painter who resides in California.  My hope is to take her July workshop in Littleton, Colorado this year.


September 30th, 2010 by sally

prinsalllastAThis is a first for me.  “Last Rose of Summer” was juried into our PSNM National Show which is held Nov. 5-28, 2010 at the Hispanic Arts Building at EXPO New Mexico (Fairgrounds).  I am co-chairing the show this year but have the least amount of work to do.  Bev Snyder is the real deal and gets most of the anxiety as well!  It was a great surprise to get this painting accepted, although somewhere deep inside I must have felt it was worthy.  There were over 300 entries for this competition and over one hundred were from other states.  It is an honor to be selected for this show, particularly since many of my artists friends who are extremely talented did not get selected.  May the “Great Creator” not only continue to inspire me, but keep me humble as well!

“SMALL WORKS” Exhibit this Nov. 5-28, 2010 at the National Pastel Show in Albuquerque, NM

September 30th, 2010 by sally

prinsbasketsofbeetsAMy painting of “Baskets of Beets” was juried in to the SMALL WORKS SHOW which runs concurrently with our PSNM National Show.  This show runs from Nov. 5-28, 2010 and is held in the Hispanic Arts Building at EXPO New Mexico.  It is a show of local New Mexico artists only.  My inspiration was the Farmers Market (downtown).  Friend, Dot Hoffman, got her painting of “Radishes” in also which was inspired from a photo of mine taken at the same time.  It’s the “Year of the Veggies”; who knew?  Aside from the pure pleasure I get from painting, the “you are AWESOME” from son, Matt, and husband, Lee isn’t bad either.  This is my second year in this show.  I have had unusually good luck here in Albuquerque entering juried shows and hope, having said that, that I don’t jinx myself…   We paint because we must, but the joy is tripled when we put it out there!

Masterworks/Large and Miniatures

March 22nd, 2010 by sally

A Perfect PearThis year’s Masterworks Exhibition will be during the month of April at the New Mexico Expo Hispanic Arts Building.  My painting “A Perfect Pear” made it into this show in the larger works division.  Not sure how this happened as I probably won’t have entered it save my husband, Lee who said, “Aw, go ahead and put it in, ya just never know…”  Bless his pastel-pickin’ heart!  I also entered four small paintings in the Miniature Show and won’t know if I got them in until almost showtime!  I used to do a lot of miniature paintings when I lived in Minnesota because I lived in a 540 sq. ft. condo and didn’t have room to do large paintings.  Thanks to more room and actual studio space now, I can have two or three larger paintings in process at the same time!

Below are four miniature paintings that I will submit next weekend for Masterworks.  Click on images to see them full sized and larger.

Nature Center View of Pond 700 x 526NM Rental (Birdhouse) 533 x 700Constance's Chickens 700 x 510Aiden's Tractor 700 x 527